Friday, November 13, 2009

Newborn Pics { so cute }

Kaci was so nice to let me practice newborn shots with her new little one. He was so cute!






Stephanie Abney said...

Wow!! Jessica!! THANK YOU for taking such INCREDIBLE pictures of our precious little grandson, Brian!!! I'm going to be sending everyone to your blog to see how cute he is AND what a GREAT photographer YOU are! Nice job!!!!!

Amy said...

Absolutely the cutest pix ever! He is just so handsome Kaci! Great photos!

sassy red said...

Oh, I love how they turned out! Jessica you did such a good job:) Thank you so much!

Theresa Small Sneed said...

Sooo cute! Just adorable, but not only that-it's almost as if you captures his personality! He looks so pensive...Great photography!